WoW Takes Players To Pandaria

WoW Takes Players To Pandaria


The Internet has had a strange, creepy preoccupation with pandas for a very long time. Granted, it’s nowhere near as pervasive as the cat fixation, but it’s formidable nonetheless. However, Blizzard may have single-handedly turned pandas into an embarrassing punch line, rather than their former status as a huggable punch line.

Over the weekend, Blizzard released a few of the details about their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria:

“Players have been asking to see the pandaren in World of Warcraft since the game’s launch, and we’re excited to finally be able to give them a proper re-introduction to Azeroth,” said Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. “In addition to the new playable race and class, Mists of Pandaria contains a huge amount of new content, and we’re looking forward to sharing more information about all of it at BlizzCon and beyond.”

Before the announcement was even out of Morhaime’s mouth, the phrase “Kung Fu Panda” had been typed into Twitter about 30 trillion times. But even if 30 trillion people are making fun of Blizzard’s Panda-shaped hero, lets face facts, they’re all going to buy the expansion anyway—especially with all of these sweet perks:

  • New Race: Kung Fu Panda

  • New Class: Monk (puts the “Kung Fu” in the Kung Fu Panda)

  • Level Cap Increased to 90

  • New PvE challenges

  • Time Trial Dungeons

  • New Talent System

  • Pet Battles

    Wait. Pet battles? Did Blizzard just invent Pokémon?

    Also, BlizzCon attendees were the first to hear about the new World of Warcraft Annual Pass. This is a 12-month subscription that can be paid for in monthly installments. In short, it’s a way to guarantee that your mom can’t cancel your WoW account.

    As an added bonus, the manipulative super geniuses at Blizzard have promised to include a free copy of Diablo III for anyone who signs up for a year’s worth of Kung Fu Panda action.

    By Josh Engen

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