Machine Man: Corporate Welfare

Hit the marker by the verge to begin.

Enjoy the intro. It's worth it.

Head over to the tech company. The entrance is heavily guarded, with two shield generators to take out.

Make your approach carefully, and from the side. There are snipetroopers and tank troopers in the guard contingent- both can do serious damage from a distance if you're not paying attention.

There are also an endless supply of shocktroopers and others waiting in the wings, so kill both generators and head for the next objective inside the building- don't stick around to play.

Resistance inside is just helltroopers. Frag them and follow your marker to lair entrance.

This is actually quite nice- a lair that doesn't look like every other single lair in the entire game. A little more of this could have gone a long way. Regardless, move forward into the brain room, where you must eliminate all enemies.

They'll keep pouring in- first helltroopers above and swarmtroopers below, then blitztrooper reinforcements let by a blitz commander.

Then the cycle repeats, until bufftroopers appear, and finally shock troopers.

Killing them launches the final cutscene, which raises some disturbing questions. Like, why is Steeltoe eating steak with a spoon?

The movie ends along with the mission.

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