Fortune: Thick as Thieves

Fortune's first solo adventure, and a piece of the Franchise Force puzzle. With any agent, hit the marker to start the mission.

Follow your objective to a nearby construction site (it's probably quicker to run than it is to drive). You'll have to scale the partially complete building here to get to the action.

Ride the hopper up and meet with a LEGION ambush- a wave of half a dozen helltroopers. You're best off taking out these guys from a distance, and ducking into cover when your guns overheat. You can jump in with some melee attacks, but if you knock any of the tougher goons off the edge, they may become inaccessible, preventing mission completion.

A second wave of helltroopers appears in the same spot- take them out the same way and advance. Subsequent waves will appear further down the path. The key things to remember here are that (1) Fortune is on the fragile side, so don't get too carried away, and (2) you completely control the tempo of these fights. Troopers on a far platform will tend to stay on that platform, so you have all the time in the world to pick them off, with or without your special abilities.

It's also extremely rare for any of them to throw a grenade far enough to flush you out of cover. With that in mind, don't get impatient, just take them down by the numbers, and duck into cover when your shields get low. If you get really harried, you can also fall back to a previous platform- they aren't smart enough to chase you.

After a topside fight with a larger-than-usual wave of helltroopers, you'll get an objective to hack a console on the upper level.

Doing so blows up the console (in a completely non-damaging way), and starts a race to track the signal. Jump though the glowing purple polygons as quickly as possible to get the lock (if you're having trouble with the first jump, it's okay to aim for that balcony with the coil, then spring right back up to roof level.

The counter starts at forty seconds, and each gate you hit adds another ten seconds. The next gate in the sequence tends to be in front of you for most of the path, so as soon as you hit one, continue sprinting forward and look for the next marker.

You'll crash through three markers on the rooftops, then drop down to ground for a marker with a sharp left turn.

Run through another marker at street level, and the next one will be on a roof top to your left as you continue along the street.

The last marker is almost directly above you and left- jump up and onto the construction gantry to clear it.

Another helltrooper ambush appears on the next platform, but the gamechanger here is the addition of the arc turret. It's armored (your bullets work best against shields), and packs a punch. The cargo containers make dandy cover- just don't let yourself get swept out into the open when your own shields are low.

There's a second, larger wave of helltroopers after you clear the first, so you may want to kill all but one trooper, take out the cannon, then initiate the second wave. The final bossy-character is IT pro Tres Delmore.

He's got a better weapon and more HP than other helltroopers, but he's not any smarter. Keep dazing him with a steady stream of headshots to take him out of the fight for good. When all baddies are down, hack the final console for mission completion, and the usual gadget & weapon skin.

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