Joystiq Is Shutting Down?

Joystiq Is Shutting Down?

A really strange rumor has been circulating around the net recently. Supposedly, AOL is going to close Joystiq as it attempts to clean up its properties and ditch underperforming content. The original report, from Re/Code, states that the site will likely end up closing down over the next few weeks.

What’s most odd, however, is that Joystiq didn’t know about this. They found out about it by reporting on the Re/Code article. Yes, Joystiq reported on ther own closing, in a bit of a tongue in cheek manner, mentioning reporters moving on to PR positions while others wonder where they are going to go next.

You can read the full Joystiq article below.

‘AOL is likely to shutter’ Joystiq, reports Recode. Hey, wait a minute… that’s us! Well, we may as well handle this the same way we’ve been covering the video game industry for ten years.

“We do not comment on rumor and speculation,” one staffer told us, wishing to remain anonymous, preparing for their lucrative PR career. Others are still trying to figure out next steps. Another anonymous staffer said, “We’re still working until we can’t.”

Sources tell Joystiq that the staff is aware of the closure, but corporate hasn’t officially told them, so they are unable to acknowledge anything out of concern that it will cause immediate shutdown. We’ve reached out for more information. We will update, as we always have, when we know more.

Source: Re/Code , Joystiq

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