Newly Announced Game Titles

Newly Announced Game Titles


Newly Announced:

By Matthew Walker


The Virgin comic title Rayaman 3392 AD is coming to a console near you in the form of an MMO. Unlike the already existing countless MMOs out there, Rayaman will bring something new to the folds. Where the other titles seem to focus on the Western-Tolkien themed fantasy aspects, Rayaman will be grounded in the ancient Indian poem Ramayana. If things continue to go the way planned then this title could breathe new life into the genre. An ancient breath but a new one nonetheless, so let’s just hope they can hold onto some of the appeal of the comics.

Alien vs. Predator (PSP):

Ok, so the movie wasn’t that good and the game based on the film was no better, but there could be some hope for everyone’s favorite aliens. It seems that the PSP will be receiving the title. Rebellion will be handling the development of the new title. Not much is known currently about the title but there’s enough reason to be excited about the title considering the success of the original 1999 PC title. We will keep you posted.

TimeSplitters 4:

Free Radical may be busy with Haze, but that doesn’t stop them from releasing confirmation that a new TimeSplitters is on its way. All we know about the title is that it is in progress. One thing has been hinted at though; while the previous titles dealt with the satirical approach to movies, this installment could be attacking the video game market.

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