Planescape: Torment Lead Designer Hints At Possible Successor

Planescape: Torment Lead Designer Hints At Possible Successor


Prolific game designer and co-founder of developer Obsidian Chris Avellone has stated that he is “very tempted” by the idea of a possible Planescape: Torment–related Kickstarter.

However, Avellone, who was the lead designer on the classic PC RPG, says that if a follow-up to Planescape were to ever happen, it’d have to be more of a spiritual successor, rather than a direct sequel set in the same universe as the original. For him, that would mean letting go of the Dungeons & Dragons mechanics of Planescape (which was based in a Advanced D&D campaign setting), and opting for something similar to what the original Fallout did as a successor to Wasteland.

“I think if you made a game using some of the concepts of Planescape, the metaphysical ideas and the plane travel, without using the D&D mechanics, you could actually come up with a much better game,” Avellone told GamesIndustry.biz.

“With Torment, I’d argue that the D&D base actually, in places, got in the way of the experience. It was a lot harder to make a game with those ideas in it with D&D mechanics. So much that we had to break a lot of them. We had to ignore certain spells, change up the class mechanic so that you can switch at any time you like by remembering abilities.

“That was stuff that D&D didn’t allow for, it was to restraining in some respects. If we did do a spiritual successor, then I don’t know if we’d use the Planescape license or attach the mechanics, perhaps something that has a different feel to Torment.”

Avellone is certainly no stranger to Kickstarter-backed projects, as he and the rest of Obsidian are currently developing Wasteland 2, the sequel to another classic PC RPG, in conjunction with inXile Entertainment.

By Jeff Dunn

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