Titanfall Peripherals Available via Mad Catz

Titanfall Peripherals Available via Mad Catz

We’ve established that there’s a Titanfall -themed Xbox One controller as well as a Titanfall -themed Xbox One (though that one’s only reserved for Respawn Entertainment employees ), but what about anything for the PC market?

As it turns out, Mad Catz is just the place for you if you want to laden yourself Titanfall -themed merchandise. A US-based distributor of interactive entertainment products, Mad Catz has a wide selection of gaming peripherals, including keyboards, headsets and mouses.

There are currently five Titanfall -themed accessories that are available for you to buy: two headsets, a mouse, a keyboard, and a mousemat–of which the majority of are named in the acronym style, which is to say the names have dots in them to make them look cooler.

All but one of them are for PC, which is the KUNAI headset (£59.99/$79.99) for Xbox 360 users . Touted to have a robust stereo audio system, it features an independent volume control for both games and your voice.

Three of the other products are for PC users, but only two of them are also compatible with Macs. The F.R.E.Q. 4D and the R.A.T. 3 can be used for both PC and Mac, but the S.T.R.I.K.E. 3 has only designed for PCs.

The F.R.E.Q. 4D stereo headset (£129.99/$149.99) comes with 4D sound (which is powered by ViviTouch technology), and features extra-large 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets. It also comes with an integrated microphone.

As for the mouse, the R.A.T. 3 (£69.99/$79.99) touts a gaming-grade 3,500 DPI optical sensor and includes a feature dubbed as a “precision aim mode”. It also allows for you to customize the mouse’s DPI settings to your own personal preference.

The keyboard, the S.T.R.I.K.E. 3 (£109.99/$129.99), boasts a key membrane that’s been optimised for responsiveness, and features fully customizable RGB backlighting. There’s also 12 programmable macro buttons to boot, too.

Finally, the mousemat, the G.L.I.D.E. 3 (£14.99/$19.99), wields a large surface area of low a low friction fabric weave, and is boasted to be optimized for optical sensors.

You can find the full selection of accessories via the source link below, or click on the individual items to be brought to their respective store pages.

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