Week in Review: New Oddworld, BioShock to PS3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 Confirmed, and more!

Week in Review: New Oddworld, BioShock to PS3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 Confirmed, and more!


The Week in Review news piece summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related news over the past week.  This weekly article, in conjunction with the Rumor Round-Up, will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

Funcom announced that Age of Conan is one of the fastest selling PC games of all time. According to the press release, “More than 400,000 gamers have entered Hyboria over the last few days, with almost half coming from the North American market.” This is an amazing number for a PC title.  In addition to tremendous amount players, an astounding 2.2 million unique visitors have gone on to the official website over the last ten days.

A new Oddworld game is in its earliest stages of development .  In a conference at Wilfrid Laurier University, Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun mentioned he was working with the team at Oddworld Inhabitants. Lorne Lanning, president of Oddworld Inhabitants, confirmed it was indeed true.  Mr. Braun and the Oddworld team are working on a graphically-intense Oddworld game that will blur the line between video games and CG movies.  Don’t get too excited though, as the next Oddworld won’t see store shelves for years to come.

Nintendo and McDonald’s have partnered up to bring online content to 21 restaurants in Tokyo. Since 2005, McDonald’s throughout the US have had a Wi-Fi service. This is now being shipped to Japan, but it will be used by Nintendo and McDonald’s to deliver exclusive content. The Nintendo Spot Viewer is a free downloadable browser that allows customers to access DS demos as well as a bevy of McDonald’s promotional items.

PlayStation 3 Home closed Beta users experienced PlayStation Day from their living rooms. The online event was held as a test-run of the new PlayStation Media & Events Space, a virtual arena that will serve as the live entertainment hub of the PS3 online community .  It will host everything from new game unveilings to sports events to fashion shows. Attendees were drawn from 10,000 PS3 users who were given exclusive VIP entry to the Space.  Users were able to enjoy a video stream of all the action from the real-world PlayStation Day experience. The online Media & Events Space can be re-dressed and re-branded just like a real-life venue. Following the test event’s success, Home will now start scheduling more elaborate and exciting productions for the Space, which will be available for use by both first and third parties.

2K Games announced that BioShock, the “genetically enhanced” story-driven action game, is in development for the PlayStation 3 at 2K Marin . The PlayStation 3 system title will be released in October 2008 with new features and content that heightens the experience.

After weeks of speculation and wild rumors, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was confirmed via a high def trailer at Ubidays in Paris. The trailer depicted Pey’j, the porcine sidekick of Jade (the game’s heroine), snorting up flies through his snout while Jade serenely meditates under the shade of a parasol.  The duo is stranded due to some serious car trouble and is apparently waiting for help to roll by in the middle of the desert.

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