iPad Delayed a Few Weeks; Sony Readying iPad and iPhone Killers?

iPad Delayed a Few Weeks; Sony Readying iPad and iPhone Killers?


Apple announced today that the iPad, their upcoming netbook/giant iPhone, has been delayed a few weeks.

Originally set to launch in March, the non-3G iPads will now be available on April 3 rd , with the 3G-enabled versions on-schedule to release a few weeks later.

If you are planning on picking the Apple gadget up, you can save yourself the long lines by pre-ordering the gizmo from various retailers starting March 12 th .

However, you might want to hold off on getting the iPad because Sony may have their own iPad and iPhone killers on the way to market.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Sony “is developing a new lineup of handheld products, including a smart phone capable of downloading and playing videogames,” and “a portable device that shares characteristics of netbooks, electronic-book readers and handheld-game machines.”

If the cited sources “close to the matter” are correct, it sounds like Sony is making its own PSPhone and PSPad. Devices that will be connected to an online portal, similar to the App Store and PlayStation Network, but that brings varied media types that will cater to a much larger demographic. This service will tentatively be known as Sony Online Service – SOS? Not a great name.

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