Murder They Programmed; Devs Exact Revenge!*

Murder They Programmed; Devs Exact Revenge!*


Faced with the frustration caused by ruthless video game reviewers that trash projects that take years and millions of dollars to complete, developers have created a virtual way to exact their revenge.

It’s a game called DevRev, short for Developers’ Revenge. It will allow the player to experience the heartbreak of a harsh review firsthand, and the satisfaction of an unholy redemption. Structured like a sim, DevRev begins with the player developing a game with the included software. The newly created game may be as simple as editing an existing game, although enough tools and programs are included to allow players to create something incredibly special.

“We really want to teach the player how to develop games,” says Dirb Funby, “That way they have a vested interest in what the reviewer says. In real life all it takes is one bad review and that can send a developer to the unemployment line and could even cause the company to file for bankruptcy. I don’t think reviewers really know the extent of their powers; how damaging they can be,” Funby explains.

After players create their masterpiece, it’s sent to the various review sites including Gamespot, IGN, and Cheat Code Central for assessment. Using actual reviewers’ names, personalities, writing styles, and likenesses, every game receives a scathing review from these real-life critics. Normally this would be the end of the process, but in DevRev things don’t end here. In fact , they just begin.

To take revenge, the player must identify the reviewer, and using sophisticated spy hardware and software, track them down. It’s here things get personal. The developers of DevRev have actually investigated each of the real-life reviewers that are included in the game, and their home addresses, phone numbers, and family members will all be revealed and rendered in-game. Once the player studies the personal habits of the reviewer, he or she will attempt to execute the perfect kill. It should look like an accident, a suicide, or even a contract killing, but the player cannot get caught. The murderous master-plan must be flawless. No clues can be left behind. The planning of the perfect murder can be almost as complex as programming a game, but the developers claim the results are more than worth the effort. One developer says that it’s a sense of relief that a season of alcoholism couldn’t cure.

Understandably, many reviewers are upset over the theme of the game, not to mention the invasion of privacy with the release of such personal information.

“That’s too bad,” Funby scorns, “All this information is public and readily available. If it’s legal for a reviewer to kill a developer’s career, there’s no reason a developer can’t kill a reviewer – virtually anyway,” Funby laughs.

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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