Shin Onigashima Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo

Shin Onigashima

Shin Onigashima Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo

Shin Onigashima Summary

“Shin Onigashima,” or Famicom Fairytales: New Island of Ogres, has appeared once again!

Shin Onigashima

Shin Onigashima is an adventure game first released in 1987. Developed by Nintendo, it was released on the Famicom. Curiously, it was released on two separate discs, one on the 7th of September and the second on the 30th.

The game is a text-based adventure, meaning you can prompt the characters to interact with others, examine the environment, and progress the game. While this might sound like the usual things a player does in a modern game, this 40-year-old text adventure was groundbreaking stuff. One of the most distinctive and interesting features was the ability to change characters. By entering the “Change Character” command, the player could switch between three characters.

Upon release, Shin Onigashima saw mostly mixed to positive reviews. Many fans enjoyed the graphics, characters, and stories presented within the game. But, there were also strong criticisms of the difficulty of the game. With very few hints to solve the puzzles, and many circumstances resulted in a game over.

Shin Onigashima Premise

Inspired by various Chinese and Japanese legends, Shin Onigashima follows a certain boy. Many years ago, an elderly couple living in the mountain village of Nagakushi found a young boy and a girl. The couple in question knew this was coming, as it was promised to them in a dream. The years came and went, but when the children turned eight summers old, tragedy struck. In the Western Capital, a dragon, a creature of unstoppable might appeared. It turned humans into oni, demons that suck the souls away from living humans. The oni continued their rampage, all the way up to NAgakushi village. The souls of the elderly couple were taken, but the souls of the children remained.

To save their adopted parents, the two set out, unaware that by doing so, they would find the truth of their origins…

Shin Onigashima Main Characters

  • Donbe. The blue-haired boy on the cover! He sort of resembles a caveman, not the brightest, but most certainly the strongest.
  •  Hikari. Donbe’s older sister. While not as strong as him, she is quick-footed and quick-witted.
  •  Elderly couple. An old man and woman who took the kids in when they were born. Sadly, they had their souls sucked out by onis.
  •  Ringo. A dog that waits for Donbe! Wonder why.
  •  Matsunosuke. A monkey also joins the group. This is starting to sound familiar…
  •  Ohana. A pheasant bird. Ah, this is from the Momataro story.
  •  Ittaisan. The narrator of the game. They make an appearance from time to time as a merchant.
  •  Kintaro. A mysterious, red-wearing boy who speaks English. He guides the group!
  •  Tengu. A bird/human creature. He hides out in the Oni fortress and has taken a liking to the group.
  •  Hinoesama. A god-like being who appears as a star. They assist the two children on their journey.
  •  Oni. Monsters that steal the souls of innocents. For Western readers, an Oni is generally a catch-all term for monster or Demon.
  •  Ankoku no Keshin. Perhaps, this is what it means to dwell in the dark…
  •  Otohime. The legendary hero, who saved the world centuries ago.

Shin Onigashima Titles of Video Games in the Series

There are only two games in this series!

  • Shin Onigashima (1987)
  • Yūyūki (1989)

Shin Onigashima Cheat Codes

Sadly, there are no cheats for this game. So instead, let’s cover some tips and tricks!

  • You will have to change the disks. As this is a much older game, with a great deal of content, you will have to change disks if you happen to get a physical version.
  •  Be prepared for frustration. As said above, there are many ways for the player to be caught off guard and delivered a game over. As such, be prepared for anger to mount. If it does, be sure to take some time off, and go play a different game. Or read another CheatCC article!
  •  Don’t be afraid to look up a guide. As the game is not in English, and instead, in Japanese, you will likely have to look up translations to help you understand what is being said. However, it is worth noting that a walkthrough guide might be necessary as well.

Shin Onigashima Cheat Code FAQ

Is this game based on anything? It is loosely based on the tale of Momotaro.

What does Shin Onigashima mean? It means “New Ogre Island.”

Are there any cheat codes for this game? Nope! Sorry about that.

And that’s all for now folks! Remember to check out the rest of CheatCC for even more gaming news, cheat codes, and reviews!

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