Maya revealed for Killer Instinct Season Two

Maya revealed for Killer Instinct Season Two

As reported by IGN on Friday, July 11, during this year’s Evolution Championship Series (EVO), Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy revealed during a developer panel the latest character to join the game’s Season Two roster, Maya.

While no gameplay footage of Maya (who originally featured in Killer Instinct 2 )  was shown, some details were shared about her playstyle.

She keeps her two daggers with her into the Killer Instinct remake, and they are pretty much said to be the core of her offense in her latest iteration. Named “Temperance” and “Vengeance”, the two daggers are used in all her punch-based normal attacks.

She can also throw the daggers independently, and can be down so in rapid succession when she catches them as they bounce off her opponents.

However, should she miss her target when she throws her daggers, she’ll lose access to them and their associated moves until she retrieves them.

According to IGN, the reward for throwing her daggers is worth the risk, as each dagger levels up with each consecutive hit. The more they level up, the more properties they gain as long as she doesn’t miss a throw. Apparently, if you manage to get both daggers to their highest level, you can combine the two into a giant, homing projectile that’ll be unblockable.

Furthermore, Maya will be getting her own stage within Killer Instinct , called “City of Dawn”. According to IGN, City of Dawn bears resemblance to her original stage in Killer Instinct 2 . Maya’s stage is said to have its own story, but no specific details were revealed as they apparently tie into Season Two’s overall plot.

We’ll bring you more Killer Instinct -related news should further information reach our ears.

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