Minecraft Leaves Beta Behind

Minecraft Leaves Beta Behind


Indie PC gaming darling Minecraft is finally ready for prime time, with the official version 1.0 hitting today. That’s right, Minecraft is moving out of beta to become a “real” game.

As Mojang’s Jens Bergensten confirmed via Twitter “Minecraft will be released during Notch’s keynote today!”

The keynote in question is Markus “Notch” Persson’s MineCon keynote address, which is taking place in Las Vegas from 1-2:30 pm Pacific time (4-5:30 pm for those of you on the East coast).

As with every Minecraft update, there is an absolute ton of new stuff getting added for the 1.0 release. Among those additions are a hardcore mode, animal breeding, and a proper ending to the game complete with Enderdragon boss fights.

Of course, this isn’t to say Minecraft wasn’t already a beast of a game. Even in beta, its addicting voxel world attracted over four million buyers . And with its official launch today, that number will just keep on growing.

By Scott Nichols

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