The Perfect Coffee/Games Pairing Guide

The Perfect Coffee/Games Pairing Guide

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am addicted to espresso drinks. Every day starts with a cafe mocha, and I don’t care what anyone says about expense or other advice I didn’t ask for. We all have our things, and this is certainly mine.

When I play video games, especially if I know I’ll be able to play for an extended period of time, I will get coffee to be my Player 2. Many gamers have their preferences for their drinks, especially when it comes to getting their caffeine fixes. We’ve all seen esports tournaments with players slamming their Monster Energy Drinks and/or Redbulls. That’s way too much sugar for me, so I’ve come up with the perfect coffee pairings for video games. You are all welcome.

MOBAs/Arena Shooters – Espresso Shots

Just line these suckers up and forget sipping them like you’re supposed to. Just down one in between matches. If you prefer to sip, then there’s always the double espresso option. Please don’t shoot one of these unless you want to hear colors.

Shooters – Americano

An Americano is espresso with hot water. While it sounds like it weakens the espresso, all it does is help the espresso last longer. It’s the same shot number of espresso, but now you can sip it for far longer thanks to the hot water addition. This is perfect for shooter firefights, whether playing a multiplayer match or running through Gears of War 5 campaign for the third time. The drink even matches the color brown so prevalent in these games.

Action-Adventure/Adventure Games – Cappuccino

Whether you prefer a regular cappuccino or a dry cappuccino, this is the perfect sipping companion to any adventure title, whether it’s point-and-click or Zelda-esque. The smoothness of the drink will calm your nerves as you fail that platform jump with a twist for the 15 th time in a row. Plus, you can draw pictures in the foam to help you out with various puzzles you’re sure to encounter, especially if you’re playing a game from the mind of Jonathan Blow.

The Perfect Coffee/Games Pairing Guide

Horror – Latte/Flat White

If you’re going to have your pants scared off, white knuckle your controller, and possibly scream, you need a coffee drink that is like a warm, blankety hug. The extra milk in a latte (1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed milk) is that velvety hug that will stroke your hair and tell you everything will be okay.

RPGs – Café Mocha

The café mocha is sweet, bitter, and creamy smooth, just like any good RPG story. You will also need a coffee drink that will last nearly as long as a good RPG, especially when it comes to JRPGs. You’re going to need something sweet as you suffer from failed hour-long turn-based boss fights.

RTS/Strategy Games – Iced Coffee

All strategy games require deep thinking and planning on your feet, and real-time strategy games force you to do it in seconds. You need something that will last and keep you on edge, so the enemy doesn’t suddenly wipe out your entire base you’ve been building for the last fifteen minutes. I present the iced coffee or its more popular cousin, the cold brew. It’s strong, it’s cold, and it will slap you in the face. If you’re really daring, visit a Starbucks and grab the Nitro Cold Brew. Warning: this drink is not for the faint of heart or for the heart condition.

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