Pokemon Radical Red Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Emulators

Pokemon radical red

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC and Emulators

Pokemon Radical Red is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed created by Soupercell and koala4, released in 2020. The ROM aims to create a challenging experience for the player while also adding modern mechanics and Pokemon. Although the ROM has received mixed reviews from casual fans of the series, those looking for a difficult Pokemon game tend to enjoy Radical Red. It is considered to be one of the best ROM hacks for the game due to its expansive and innovative features.

Pokemon Radical Red Premise

Pokemon Radical Red expands and improves upon the base game of Pokemon FireRed. The ROM hack adds tons of new features, including all Pokemon up to the 8th generation, raid battles, mega evolutions, and updated graphics. The game follows the same storyline as FireRed. Players will meet Professor Oak, battle gym leaders, fight Team Rocket, and become the Pokemon Champion. One of the main differences is that Radical Red features much harder difficulty in battles. There are also built-in randomizers that will give players a fresh experience every time they play. However, this will make the game significantly harder due to how unpredictable it can be.  

Players will be required to grind for exp and take new approaches to battle. With the enemy AI significantly better than in typical Pokemon games, you must think differently about defeating your opponent. The game also includes a hardcore mode which will end the game if your character is ever K.O. Using cheat codes can lend players a helping hand but may take away the experience for those wanting something new and difficult.

pokemon firered

Pokemon Radical Red Main Characters

Radical Red features the same cast of characters from FireRed. Although the characters are the same, there have been some dialogue changes, but the game still follows the original story.

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Red/Leaf: Red and Leaf are the main protagonists in Pokemon Radical Red. The two are the male and female counterparts in FireRed and LeafGreen. Both are from Pallet Town in the Kanto region and are rivals with Blue.

Professor Oak: Professor Oak is a Pokemon Professor in Pallet Town. He gives Red/Leaf their first Pokemon and Pokedex. He is the grandfather of Blue and assists the player throughout the game.

Blue: Blue is the rival of Red/Leaf. While picking his first Pokemon, he will always choose the type that counters the player’s choice (i.e., Choosing Fire if you pick Grass). He used to be good friends with Red/Leaf in childhood but slowly drifted apart as they got older.

Pokemon Radical Red Titles in the Series

Pokemon Radical Red is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed, making it not a part of the canon series. This is a separate game entirely from the ones Nintendo publishes. However, it expands upon the game, follows all the Pokemon tropes, and opens the door for more possibilities. The games listed here are only official Nintendo Pokemon games.

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Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon Radical Red Cheat Codes

Walk Through Walls

These cheats allow players to walk through walls to skip or avoid events or random battles. This will also make the game faster as players can skip entire areas. Making a save file is best if the game crashes or an unexpected outcome occurs.

Walk Through Wall Cheat Codes
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4


This cheat will allow you to teleport anywhere you wish instantly. To enter the code correctly, first enter the first eight digits followed by the four digits listed below (change XXXX). It’s always safe to make a save file before doing this and make sure to turn off the cheat once you finish teleporting.

Code: 82031DBC XXXX (Change XXXX with codes below)

0003Pallet Town
0103 Viridian City
0203 Pewter City
0303 Cerulean City
0403 Lavender Town
0503 Vermilion City
0603 Celedon City
0703 Fuchsia City
0803 Cinnabar Island
0903 Indigo Plateau
0A03 Saffron City
0B03 Neo-Saffron City
0C03 Island 1
0D03 Island 2
0E03 Island 3
0F03 Island 4
1003 Island 5
1103 Island 6
1203 Island 7
1303 Route 1
1403 Route 2
1503 Route 3
1603Route 4
1703Route 5
1803Route 6
1903Route 7
1a03Route 8
1b03Route 9
1c03Route 10
1d03Route 11
1e03Route 12
1f03Route 13
2003Route 14
2103Route 15
2203Route 16
2303Route 17
2403Route 18
2503Route 19
2603Route 20
2703Route 21
2803Neo Route 21
2903Route 22
2A03Route 23
2B03Route 24
2C03Route 25

Unlimited Money/Items

This will give you unlimited money in your bank so you can buy unlimited amounts of items.

Unlimited Money Cheat Code
820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

For unlimited items, enter the code below, followed by the four digits of your choice.

Code: 820257C4 XXXX (Change XXXX to the codes below)

00B3 Bright Powder
00B4 White Herb
00B5 Macho Brace
00B6 Exp Share
00B7 Quick C Law
00B8 Soothe Bell
00B9 Mental Herb
00BA C Hoice Band
00BB King’s Rock
00BC Silver Powder
00BD Amulet C Oin
00BE C Leanse Tag
00BF Soul Dew
00C 0 Deep Sea Tooth
00C 1 Deep Sea Scale
00C 2 Smoke Ball
00C 3 Everstone
00C 4 Focus Band
00C 5 Lucky Egg
00C 6 Scope Lens
00C 7 Metal C Oat
00C 8 Leftovers
00C 9 Dragon Scale
00C A Light Ball
00C B Soft Sand
00C C Hard Stone
00C D Miracle Seed
00C E Black Glasses
00C F Black Belt
00D0 Magnet
00D1 Mystic Water
00D2 Sharp Beak
00D3 Poison Barb
00D4 Nevermelt Ice
00D5 Spell Tag
00D6 Twisted Spoon
00D7 C Harcoal
00D8 Dragon Fang
00D9 Silk Scarf
00DA Up-Grade
00DB Shell Bell
00DC Sea Incense
00DD Lax Incense
00DE Lucky Punch
00DF Metal Powder
00E0 Thick C Lub
00E1 Stick
00FE Red Scarf
00FF Blue Scarf
0100 Pink Scarf
0101 Green Scarf
0102 Yellow Scarf
0103 Mach Bike
0104 C Oin C Ase
0105 ItemFinder
0106 Old Rod
0107 Good Rod
0108 Super Rod
0109 S.S. Ticket
010A C Ontest Pass
010C Wailmer Pail
010D Devon’s Goods
010E Soot Sack
010F Basement Key
0110 Acro Bike
0111 PokeBlock C Ase
0112 Letter
0113 Eon Ticket
0114 Red Orb
0115 Blue Orb
0116 Scanner
0117 Go-Goggles
0118 Meteorite
0119 Rm.1 Key
011A Rm.2 Key
011B Rm.4 Key
011C Rm.6 Key
011D Storage Key
011E Root Fossil
011F C Law Fossil
0120 Devon Scope
001A Fresh Water
001B Soda Pop
001C Lemonade
001D MooMoo Milk
001E Energy Powder
001F Energy Root
0020 Heal Powder
0021 Revival Herb
0022 Ether
0023 Max Ether
0024 Elixer
0025 Max Elixer
0026 Lava C Ookie
0027 Blue Flute
0028 Yellow Flute
0029 Red Flute
002A Black Flute
002B White Flute
002C Berry Juice
002D Sacred Ash
002E Shoal Salt
002F Shoal Shell
0030 Red Shard
0031 Blue Shard
0032 Yellow Shard
0033 Green Shard
003F HP Up
0040 Protein
0041 Iron
0042 C Arbos
0043 C Alcium
0044 Rare C Andy
0045 PP Up
0046 Zinc
0047 PP Max
0049 Guard Spec
004A Dire Hit
004B X Attack
004C X Defend
004D X Speed
004E X Accuracy
004F X Special
0050 Poke Doll
0051 Fluffy Tail
0053 Super Repel
0054 Max Repel
0055 Escape Rope
0056 Repel
005D Sun Stone
005E Moon Stone
005F Fire Stone
0060 Thunder Stone
0061 Water Stone
0062 Leaf Stone
0067 Tiny Mushroom
0068 Big Mushroom
006A Pearl
006B Big Pearl
006C Stardust
006D Star Piece
006E Nugget
006F Heart Scale
0079 Orange Mail
007A Harbor Mail
007B Glitter Mail
007C Mech Mail
007D Wood Mail
007E Wave Mail
007F Bead Mail
0080 Shadow Mail
0081 Tropic Mail
0082 Dream Mail
0083 Fab Mail
0084 Retro Mail

Nature Modifier

The nature of a Pokemon is its mood. They can be happy, quiet, bold, and just about anything else. This cheat allows you to change the nature of a wild Pokemon. Enter the code below along with the nature of your choice.

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Code: AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95

D0E34D66 5796A7D3 Hardy
D73BC50A 5F47AA0E Lonely
E485844D 2F24038C Brave
5EB8DEEE 692ED298 Adamant
83286B46 6479AA98 Naughty
35EB915F 08F33974 Bold
A58F6F1B BFB13FEF Docile
34027F23 7E7E1599 Relaxed
CDA2AB99 F89D5BB9 Impish
D593BF29 E18AAAE5 Lax
1BC372C9 06B4D17F Timid
D4950A99 D729D80A Hasty
93F04759 F95753D9 Serious
56F744B0 37E16732 Naive
E1EB2109 4480C28D Modest
A2461E51 304137B6 Mild
0456554B 66D3AAF9 Quiet
B05B4CCD A0A1505B Bashful
909149AB 2DE8726A Rash
31F62F82 D9A0C100 Calm
9A41D845 41B93FE6 Gentle
D47DA721 6C3B9FFC Sassy
1A15BF1E E72650E4 Careful
5A7B2626 21ECD183 Quirky

Unlimited Berries

Berries are powerful items but can be a pain to obtain. This cheat lets you skip that process and get straight to the action. Enter the code below, changing the last four digits to the berry of your choice.

Code: 820257C4 XXXX (Change XXXX to the codes below)

0085 Cheri Berry
0086 Chesto Berry
0087 Pecha Berry
0088 Rawst Berry
0089 Aspear Berry
008A Leppa Berry
008B Oran Berry
008C Persim Berry
008D Lum Berry
008E Sitrus Berry
008F Figy Berry
0090 Wiki Berry
0091 Mago Berry
0092 Aguav Berry
0093 Iapapa Berry
0094 Razz Berry
0095 Bluk Berry
0096 Nanab Berry
0097 Wepear Berry
0098 Pinap Berry
0099 Pomeg Berry
009A Kelpsy Berry
009B Qualot Berry
009C Hondew Berry
009D Grepa Berry
009E Tamato Berry
009F C Ornn Berry
00A0 Magost Berry
00A1 Rabuta Berry
00A2 Nomel Berry
00A3 Spelon Berry
00A4 Pamtre Berry
00A5 Watmel Berry
00A6 Durin Berry
00A7 Belue Berry
00A8 Liechi Berry
00A9 Ganlon Berry
00AA Salac Berry
00AB Petaya Berry
00AC Apicot Berry
00AD Lansat Berry
00AE Starf Berry
00AF Enigma Berry

Unlimited Potions

Potions can save your Pokemon in the heat of battle. Make sure to never run out by using these cheat codes. Simply enter the code below along with the four digits of your choice.

Code: 820257C4 XXXX (Change XXXX to the codes below)

000D Potion
000E Antidote
000F Burn Heal
0010 Ice Heal
0011 Awakening
0012 Parlyz Heal
0013 Full Restore
0014 Max Potion
0015 Hyper Potion
0016 Super Potion
0017 Full Heal
0018 Revive
0019 Max Revive

Mega Rings/Stones

As the name suggests, mega rings and stones help evolve your Pokemon into “Mega” forms. While these items can be very rare, these codes are a sure way to speed up that process. Enter the code below, followed by the four digits of your choice.

Code: 82003884 XXXX (Change XXXX to the codes below)

CodesMega Rings/Stones
0161 Mega Ring
0215 Venusaurite
0216 Charizardite X
0217 Charizardite Y
0218 Blastoisinite
0219 Beedrillite
021A Pidgeotite
021B Alakazite
021C Slowbronite
021D Gengarite
021E Kangaskhanite
021F Pinsirite
0220 Gyaradosite
0221 Aerodactylite
0222 Mewtwonite X
0223 Mewtwonite Y
0224 Ampharosite
0225 Steelixite
0226 Scizorite
0227 Heracronite
0228 Houndoominite
0229 Tyranitarite
022A Skeptilite
022B Blazikenite
022C Swampertite
022D Gardevoirite
022E Sablenite
022F Mawilite
0230 Aggronite
0231 Medichamite
0232 Manectite
0233 Sharpedonite
0234 Cameruptite
0235 Altarianite
0236 Banettite
0237 Absolite
0238 Glalitite
0239 Salamencite
023A Metagrossite
023B Latiasite
023C Latiosite
023D Lopunnite
023E Garchompite
023F Lucarionite
0240 Abomasite
0241 Galladite
0242 Audinite
0243 Diancite
0244 Normalium Z
0245 Fightinium Z
0246 Flyinium Z
0247 Poisonium Z
0248 Groundium Z
0249 Rockium Z
024A Buginium Z
024B Ghostium Z
024C Steelium Z
024D Firium Z
024E Waterium Z
024F Grassium Z
0250 Electrium Z
0251 Psychium Z
0252 Icium Z
0253 Dragonium Z
0254 Darkinium Z
0255 Fairium Z
0256 Aloraichium Z
0257 Decidium Z
0258 Eevium Z
0259 Incinium Z
025A Commune Z
025B Lunalium Z
025C Lycanium Z
025D Marshadium Z
025E Mewnium Z
025F Mimikium Z
0260 Pikanium Z
0261 Pikashunium Z
0262 Primarium Z
0263 Snorlium Z
0264 Solganium Z
0265 Tapunium Z
02D8 Machampite
02D9 Laprasite
02DA Butterfrite
02DB Garbodorite
02DC Snorlaxite
02DD Kinglerite
02DE Toxtricitite
02DF Coalossite
02E0 Duraludite
02E1 Drednawite
02E2 Copperajite
02E3 Applite
02E4 Orbeetlite
02E5 Grimmsnite
02E7 Centiskite
02E8 Sandacondite
02E9 Alcremite
02EA Eternamax Orb

Z Moves, Fossils, and Wishing Piece

Z Moves are powerful attacks your Pokemon can use in battle. Fossils allow you to revive prehistoric Pokemon. A Wishing Piece allows for maximum raid battles in a Pokemon den. Enter the code below, followed by the four digits of your choice.

Code: 820257C4 XXXX (Change XXXX with the codes below)

CodeZ-Moves/Fossils/Wishing Piece
0244 Normal type Z
0245 Fighting type Z
0246 Flying type Z
0247 Poison type Z
0248 Ground type Z
0249 Rock type Z
0250 Electric type Z
0251 Psychic type Z
0252 Ice type Z
0253 Dragon type Z
0254 Dark type Z
0255 Fairy type Z
0256 Alola rich Z
0257 Decidueye Z
0258 Eevee Z
0259 Incineroar Z
0260 Pikachu Volt tackle Z
0261 Pikachu Thunderbolt Z
0262 Primarina Z
0263 Snorlax Z
0264 Solgaleo Z
0265 Tapu’s Z
66 to 69 Apricod ball
70 to 73 Relic
0274 Skull fossil
0275 Armor fossil
0276 Cover fossil
0277 Plum fossil
0278 Jaw fossil
0279 Sail fossil
0280 Golden bottle cap
0281 Wish piece

Unlock All TM/HM

A TM is a Technical Machine that teaches a Pokemon a specific move. HM, or Hidden Machine, also teaches Pokemon a specific move. The difference is that TM moves can be forgotten, while HM moves require a service to remove them. Enter the code below, followed by the four digits of your choice.

Code: 820257C4 XXXX (Change XXXX with the codes below)

0121 TM01 Focus Punch
0122 TM02 Dragon Claw
0123 TM03 Water Pulse
0124 TM04 Calm Mind
0125 TM05 Roar
0126 TM06 Toxic
0127 TM07 Hail
0128 TM08 Bulk Up
0129 TM09 Bullet Seed
012A TM10 Hidden Power
012B TM11 Sunny Day
012C TM12 Taunt
012D TM13 Ice Beam
012E TM14 Blizzard
012F TM15 Hyper Beam
0130 TM16 Light Screen
0131 TM17 Protect
0132 TM18 Rain Dance
0133 TM19 Giga Drain
0134 TM20 Safeguard
0135 TM21 Frustration
0136 TM22 Solar Beam
0137 TM23 Iron Tail
0138 TM24 Thunderbolt
0139 TM25 Thunder
013A TM26 Earthquake
013B TM27 Return
013C TM28 Dig
013D TM29 Psychic
013E TM30 Shadow Ball
013F TM31 Brick Break
0140 TM32 Double Team
0141 TM33 Reflect
0142 TM34 Shock Wave
0143 TM35 Flamethrower
0144 TM36 Sludge Bomb
0145 TM37 Sandstorm
0146 TM38 Fire Blast
0147 TM39 Rock Tomb
0148 TM40 Aerial Ace
0149 TM41 Torment
014A TM42 Facade
014B TM43 Secret Power
014C TM44 Rest
014D TM45 Attract
014E TM46 Thief
014F TM47 Steel Wing
0150 TM48 Skill Swap
0151 TM49 Snatch
0152 TM50 Overheat
0153 HM01 Cut
0154 HM02 Fly
0155 HM03 Surf
0156 HM04 Strength
0157 HM05 Flash
0158 HM06 Rock Smash
0159 HM07 Waterfall
015A HM08 Dive

Unlimited PP

Unlimited PP will ensure that your Pokemon never runs out of power points after using a move. This means no more watching PP status during battles.

Unlimted PP Cheat Codes
42023C08 6363
00000002 0002

Encounter Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, with an encounter rate of 1 in 8192. Save yourself time and energy by using this cheat to guarantee a shiny Pokemon encounter.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Cheat Codes
1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Unlimited Rare Candies

Rare Candy levels a Pokemon of your choice by one level. This cheat will allow you to get the max level on all your Pokemon and remove the grind.

Unlimited Rare Candies Cheat Code
820257C4 0044

Unlimited Master Balls

Master Balls guarantee that any wild Pokemon will be caught, with the catch being there is usually only one or two in the game. This cheat forgoes that and allows you to capture every Pokemon every time.

Unlimited Master Balls Cheat Code
820257C4 0001

Instant Battle K.O.

Use this cheat to win every battle within the first move. Any hit on an enemy Pokemon will instantly knock it out.

Instant K.O. Cheat Codes
C833D1A0 02FA7205

Radical Red Google Doc Cheat Sheet

Pokemon Radical Red is not for the casual gamer. If you find yourself still struggling with access to these cheats or perhaps you just want something to give you a slight edge without breaking the game. Here you can find a cheat sheet that gives you useful information such as what to expect in each difficulty mode, the Pokedex, and even suggestions for team compositions and movesets.

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon Radical Red Cheat Code FAQ

Are there cheat codes for Pokemon Radical Red?

Yes, Pokemon Radical Red features a wide range of cheat codes that can be used for just about everything.

How do I use cheat codes in Pokemon Radical Red?
Since Pokemon Radical Red requires an emulator to run, you will need to use a GameShark emulator or one that is compatible with GameShark cheat codes. Emulators will have a cheat code section that’s easy to find in its settings.  

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