Angry Birds Might Be Heading To The Vita

Angry Birds Might Be Heading To The Vita


Right now, if you wanted to, you could play Angry Birds on your iPhone, iPad, Nook, Roku, Blackberry, Android phone, Web OS device, Windows phone, PC, Mac, PSP, or PS3. So, what I’m about to tell you probably won’t be much of a surprise: Rovio Mobile is hoping to port Angry Birds over to the PlayStation Vita.

“With all our games, we’re going for all the screens: smartphones, tablets, TVs, the web, so we really want to bring Space to all the screens as well,” said Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing at Rovio.

Vesterbacka is talking about the latest edition of the angry birds franchise, “Angry Birds Space.” This new incarnation of the series is expected to launch at the end of the month and will feature some brand new gameplay mechanics.

However, even though it seems like Angry Birds would be a welcome addition to the Vita Marketplace, Vesterbacka admits that the ball is entirely in Sony’s court. “It’s not that we can decide,” he said, “it’s really if Sony wants to have Angry Birds on Vita. It’s more up to them than to us.”

Either way, I’ll probably be compelled to buy it. I need more ways to get my Angry Birds fix.

By Josh Engen

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