The Universal File*

The Universal File*


Incompatible files will be a thing of the past with the Universal File. In development for more than five years, the Universal File, known as extension FU will make life simpler for everyone.

Why doesn’t everyone get together on things? Chevy parts are not compatible with Dodge parts. You can’t play a Beta tape in a VHS machine. Ever tried to find a battery for your camcorder or a watch? Why do you have to use an AVI file instead of a FLV? What the hell is a MOV, TARGA, EPS, or an MT2S? With the FU, you won’t have to worry because it will work with anything and everything. Every single time.

Imagine having everything work on every system, every program, and every piece of software. Yes, it’s hard to imagine. Now imagine no more converting. No more compression. No more distortion. No more headaches. FU delivers an unprecedented freedom in the digital realm, one that we’ve been waiting decades for.

Whether it’s a music file, a photo, a movie, a print, or a video game, the FU will take care of everything. It will allow your devices to do things you never dreamt possible. Use your ordinary cell phone as a Blackberry, or watch movies on your DS. Take videos with your USB stick and use your MP3 players as a multi-channel recording studio.

The FU extension works like a microcomputer. A small program must be installed on all computers for the file to do its magic. When using the FU file, the extension automatically accesses the code installed on your computer, rendering each file compatible for any application, in a fraction of a second.

It’s being called the smartest of smart files. The FU will conform to whatever shape, size, or format required. If you’re using it for print, it will retain all of the relevant resolution. It will be reduced or compressed when via email and can be fully restored on the receiving end. It knows the difference between sound, video, still photos, text, codes, colors, and data. It will navigate its way through any operating system and will be at home in any device that can be interfaced with a computer.

So if you’re wondering why your new hairdryer or electric shaver has a USB or firewire connection, wonder no more. Welcome to the future.

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